Greek Things and Pastel Horses

So here’s my Hazel wand from Diagon Alley! Dunno what core it might have, maybe Unicorn hair? Dragon heartstring doesn’t fit my style and Phoenix feather is obviously supposed to be super rare/hard to use. I guess I could pick out my own (since technically there were other core materials used like Kelpie Mane and Veela Hair, Ollivander simply chooses to work with the three Supreme Cores rather than said cores being absolute). Gorgons do exist in the Potterverse (or at least they are mentioned) so maybe a gorgon scale core? Have 0 idea what kind of qualities it would have though. 

Anyways on to the map! I marked out where I found the hidden spell sensor, it’s directly to the right of #7 (No it’s not #6, that was part of an entirely different shop. The blank book was clearly in front of Scribbulus and very close to the feather spell sensor). I also put in what I believe the hidden spell is (there’s only one spell mentioned in lore even remotely concerning invisible ink and that’s Aparecium) and how I managed to cast it. Some had luck with other gestures (one guy managed to get it to work with an Incendio type gesture), so I dunno if it just requires a wand or if there is an actual spell in play. It didn’t work just by pointing at it so it clearly needs some sort of gesture to work.

Going to start idea sketches for next update, yesterday I went to Universal with my brother and his wife! I missed ask-wiggles there though ;A; I’d get in line for Gringotts, she’d be in Diagon Alley, I’d be in Diagon Alley, she’d be in line for Gringotts, I’d be in line for Gringotts (again), she’d be in Hogsmeade -n-. Oh well, we’ve already seen each other twice this year and I’ll probably see her at SuperCon next year. Anyways I still had fun, I went on a bunch of stuff!

  • I went on Gringotts twice (once right as the park opened and again with my brother). I was mildly disappointed in it, I get what they were trying to do (make a coaster out of the 3D rides like Spider-Man and Transformers) but the problem was everytime the coaster stopped to go through another short film scene it just killed all the momentum of the ride and slowed everything down. It didn’t help that the pace for some of the scenes (particularly the trolls) felt really slow to begin with. I guess they figured they’d slow it down because more kids would ride the Potter stuff? I dunno, but if you want a true indoor coaster experience, ride Revenge of the Mummy. It’s everything Gringotts should have been.
  • I went on Men in Black twice too! I got to the park as it opened to beat lines but my brother didn’t wake up until 10, so I had time to ride a couple rides by myself. Of course then my brother also wanted to ride it. The first time I got this special single seat with two guns so I got to dual wield the whole time. The second time I did much better, I got up to 187,443 on it (there are two tricks to the ride for lots of points, the first is shooting Frank the Pug for a ton of points, the second is when you “duel” the other car shoot at the red circle light at the top of their car to spin them out and get tons of points). I beat my brother but another guy managed 256,000 somehow, I dunno where he got that much from I don’t think I’ve ever even broken 200,000.
  • I of course had to go on E.T. once, it’s the last of the original Studios rides left. You should at least go on it once before they decide to tear it down like Kong and Jaws. Speaking of which they totally need to bring back Jaws, they got a new Kong ride in Hollywood why can’t we get a new Jaws ride too?
  • I went on Transformers for the first time too! Contrary to Gringotts I actually really liked it, it was sort of the same principle as Spider-Man and Gringotts, but what seperated it from Gringotts for me was the pace, everything was MUCH faster and more action-y in Transformers I felt than in Gringotts. However during the ride, for the bit with Starscream and the helicopters, the audio completely cut out. It came back for the final bit with Megatron though. It’s the first time in a long time I’ve had a ride malfunction on me. Still they gaves us free express passes for the next ride.
  • Then finally I went on Revenge of the Mummy. Mummy is everything Gringotts should have been, a true indoor coaster that happens to use the scenes as a way to move you through it rather than the other way around.

I didn’t catch many of the shows, most of them have been there FOREVER but I did catch the Beedle the Bard puppet show (basically going through the story of the Deathly Hallows). I also did the Ollivander wand selection thing, my sister in law was chosen and she was matched with an Ivy wand, I forget what the core was though. I just randomly picked a wand in the shop with a box that looked like Meddy’s colors, it was Hazel I think. I probably should have looked for a Holly wand since Holly is my Celtic Zodiac wood, but I think Hazel fits my personality better (at least from the description they had there).

They have a bunch of stuff there you can use the wand on, but I found a secret wand location and figured out how to activate it. If you go to the Scribbulus store you’ll see a normal wand location with a spell plaque for lifting a feather quill. However directly to the right of it you’ll find a blank book. It has a wand sensor, but no spell plaque to tell you how to activate it. After a few guesses I figured out the wand stroke for Aparecium (you make a loopty loop type motion, like you’re writing in cursive) and it revealed a hidden message in invisible ink. We checked, this one isn’t on the map for Diagon Alley nor is the Aparecium spell, so it must be an intentionally hidden wand location. I dunno how many more like it there might be.

I just found a way to breed 2nd Gen Starters in not-normal Poke Balls. All you need is a copy of Colisseum, and the ability to transfer ALL the way from it to X/Y. You can snag female Quilava/Bayleef/Croconaws in it, and at the start of the game you have the option to either buy Great Balls, or buy 10 Poke Balls and get a Premier Ball, then you can use either to snag said 2nd gen starter. Then it’s just a matter of transferring it all the way up and then breeding it then boom you have yourself some Chikorita/Cyndaquil/Totodiles in Premier Balls.

So I colored elk guard for the next update, since he’s just a one update wonder I didn’t go real out of my way with his color scheme. Still I think it turned out alright.

So I colored elk guard for the next update, since he’s just a one update wonder I didn’t go real out of my way with his color scheme. Still I think it turned out alright.

I just realized Nicki Minaj is basically Amani’s fantasy voice and it’s the most embarassing yet brilliant thing ever

So instead of exchanging the signed Derpy card I mailed to them for a stamped one, Enterplay apparently thought “Well, you went through all the trouble of sending it, why don’t you just have your card back and the stamped one” That’s pretty cool of them. If I have any money left over this weekend I might have to buy a few more Pony CCG packs just because.

This elk sure looks weird

This elk sure looks weird

And not even my second time doing this and we already have a Debbie Downer going all “You have rules! They aren’t REALLY requests because you won’t draw mine!!!1!”. First off, Commission Artists set parameters as to what they will and won’t draw all the time, are there commission sheets suddenly invalidated because they choose not to draw NSFW? Of course not people still pay them to draw stuff within those “rules”. Second, the rules I put are in place either because those requests don’t belong on Meddy’s blog (have I mentioned Meddy is a SFW blog? I think it’s literally on the front page description) or to be quick and fair to others. If I spend time doing a lengthy battle scene full of ponies I’ve NEVER drawn just for one guy it takes time away from other requests who are more reasonable, and I’ve gotten A TON of requests for this (I get maybe 10-12, I can only draw like 4-5 even WITH the rules in place).

I can draw canon ponies and my own relatively quickly, and I’m pretty good at quick concept design. However give me a complicated OC I’ve never drawn before and that 4-5 doodles becomes 1-2 doodles and that just drains the fun out of it for everyone (including me). I do these doodle requests because I have time to kill and thought it would be a fun way to interact with my followers when I otherwise can’t work on an update. I could easily just sit here on my DS or sit in the library instead (lord knows I could do more studying). If you’re still upset with how I do things fine, just don’t participate then, there’s plenty of other people who seem fine with the rules as I have presented them.

Putting a bit of a break in Meddy’s story arc, I originally wasn’t going to add this part but I liked it enough that I kept it. It needed an elk guard, but Wiggles never made one so I made one myself. It’s mostly just Elkified LOTR Elf armor, with form fitting chainmail, long flowing lines and CAPES EVERYWHERE

Putting a bit of a break in Meddy’s story arc, I originally wasn’t going to add this part but I liked it enough that I kept it. It needed an elk guard, but Wiggles never made one so I made one myself. It’s mostly just Elkified LOTR Elf armor, with form fitting chainmail, long flowing lines and CAPES EVERYWHERE

Is Meddy omnivore? .... I mean... well she have serpents in they head.... and serpent are carnivores (mostly I thing) so I asumme if she is part pony then this mean she is omnivore cause is ineeritage from both sides....

I’m going with maybe? But she chooses a more pony-like diet because it’s more princess/lady-like and it would be weird for her to eat meat while 90% of her subjects don’t. She does like things with cheese, and eggs if that counts (but then again ponies seem to like those things too). Arachne should probably be one, but I decided to make them fungivores because liquifying peeps seemed a bit too much for a safe for work blog. There ARE carnivorous/omnivorous citizens on Echidna in the chimeras, but they follow strict predation laws (no eating other talking creatures, set amount of kills they can have/take home, basically like a hunting license)