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My childhood as defined by toys found in my closet

My childhood as defined by toys found in my closet

Only two days to go

Medusamod, where can I buy some pony trading cards? And are there any good Spike strategies?

I’d google specialty trading card/game stores near you, they usually offer the best prices on packs and buy/sell individual cards (though you may have a tougher time finding one that buys/sells individual pony cards right now since it’s pretty new.). If not, use Enterplay’s Store Locator. Wherever you can find the normal trading cards you can probably find the CCG too since they’re made by the same company. Spike really doesn’t have his own strategy right now since there’s only one of him. He’s oddly enough Loyatly rather than Magic or generosity (I guess being the new Rainbow Dash rubbed off on him).But right now he works EXACTLY like dragons in MtG (Compare the  Dragon Hatchling to Spike, Baby Dragon, the effects and stats in their respective games are nearly identical). Pretty much use the same strategy you would use with a dragon tribe MtG deck I guess, hoard up AP (use a Twilight based off color, it works REALLY well for this) then feed it to your Spike so he can wreck peeps in faceoffs. He’s useful against Spring Forward (if you can pump him high enough that turn) he take her on without needing other Friends involved and giving her bonus power and can get to a problem fast.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the Ultra Rare I got came in this lunch box/tin thingy I bought. It came with 3 CCG packs, a decent size Rarity poster/checklist, some mini pack of the regular trading cards, some stickers, and a pretty good promo ccg card.

She’s another pretty strong Inspired stacker but on top of that she has a built in permanent Ponyville Express.

Not bad for 15 bucks!

How a Rarijack deck works:

Opponent: “Awesome! I just pulled one of my core cards!”

Me: “Lol discarded”

Opponent: “That’s okay I’m sure I’ll pull something useful”

Me: “Stacking Inspired, you can pull this useless card while I send all your good ones to the bottom of your deck”

Opponent: “Okay, well maybe if I just-“

Me: “Brown Parasprite, start deck discarding”

Opponent: “Okay fine dammit I’ll just bumrush-“

Me: “Lol nope. You don’t gots the AP to hang with Rarity and Octavia”


I was not aware they were naming pony card decks after shipping names! Thats amazing! :D I think I’d like to go visit a…

That’s just how I name them, saying Honesty/Generosity control deck is too wordy and Orange/White control deck would be too confusing and sounds too much like MtG. I dunno what other people call them, I just find the ship names easier to use.

You know what’s a sneaky good card in Rarijack? Ponynapped! It’s a high cost problem with a huge bonus (which is what you want if you’re running Truly Outrageous Rarity), and a great effect for controlling an opponent. Each time someone tries to confront it, they have to frighten a friend. It sounds like more trouble than it’s worth and that’s the point, you can funnel your opponent to a single problem where all your good control cards await like boosted Rarity, Octavia and Featherweight. You can even throw an annoying troublemaker on it like brown parasprite, your opponent either has to commit to facing off a troublemaker at a problem he can’t solve or get burned by their effect (and brown parasprite is my favorite for this. It doesn’t compete with hand discard effects you already have AND the discard effect STILL boosts Sunny, who gets a boost from opponent’s discards regardless of whether it’s from the hand or deck). The effect annoys Ultra Rarity, but it isn’t nearly as prohibitive for her as it would be for your opponent, so once your close to winning you can just play her and another friend there, frighten the friend, then move her home to score three points instantly.

I’ve made a very good rush deck based on the blue cards. The game shop I live near has been helpful and I have lucked out in getting that UR along with others from the packs I buy.

I’m probably going to try and trade it for the Ultra Rarity (lol). With a proper control deck (which is what Rarijack excels at and is my own deck) you can just continually run her back and forth from home and score a billion points. You don’t even need to solve the problem either, just confront it. Or for Octavia, or Big Mac. Or whatever UR I like whenever Canterlot Nights comes out.

So today started out sort of bad but has turned around. They’re re-doing my whole bathroom so I both got woke up to saw sounds at 8 in the morning and I had to go elsewhere to go to the bathroom because the water is shut off. So I decided to make the most of it, went to Target, got some pony packs, one ended up having an Ultra Rare in it (You only find like two in a whole box of packs if you’re lucky), and I went to McDonald’s again and got Fluttershy, so now I only need one more pony (but it just HAD to be Celestia). I was hoping to find her if I turned in Flutters but apparently they are not paired together over here, she’s paired with Luna. They had Pinkie and Twi too, so I guess that particular McDonald’s opens two batches at once or something. Might go again later, who knows.

I need to figure out which ponies are paired with Celly and Flutters so if I get them I can trade them in