Greek Things and Pastel Horses

I didn’t realize Olimar had made it all the way to #3 overall on the tiering list for Brawl lol. I remember when I played Brawl with friends in high school, they’d all pick the Falcos and Meta Knights and Snakes while I’d pick the weird “gimmicky” characters like Game and Watch and Olimar and repeatedly kick their asses. I was always going on about how under-rated Olimar was (I think he was ranked like 18-20 in the original tiering list because lolz Pikmin, such a gimmick!) and how he was sneaky good once you learned to use him. Looks like I was proved right by far better players than I.

I’m watching Hocus Pocus and it just struck me.

Stheno is Winifred, Euryale is Mary, and Meddy is Sarah.

Also I saw Boxtrolls and OMGGGGGGG IT’S SO CUTE! I loved it, but then again I also loved ParaNorman and Coraline (I think it was better then ParaNorman, I dunno about Coraline though because I adored that movie). Go see it k.

I just binge watched a bunch of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. I really like it, I think it, MLP, Steven Universe, and Gravity Falls are my favorite cartoons right now. Didn’t see the new movie though, I heard the plot and was like NOPE

I don’t like Villager, his KO moves are pretty bad (they’re incredibly close range or very reliant on good timing/positioning), his damage stacking is average and his grappling is super slow. Usually I like weird floaty characters like Olimar but there’s just too much wrong with him I think.

Okay now that I’ve got Mega Man’s down spike down I’m pretty good at taking things on with him. I’ve been able to consistently spike KO at like 35-38% (which ends up being like 61% after the hit). His major KO moves seem to be after a bit of testing:

Down Aerial (spike): 35-38%

Down Smash: 85-90% (more or less based on charge)

Forward Smash: 90-100% (Again, based on charge)

Up Aerial: 70-80% (This one is trickier to pin down because it relies a lot on positioning. I’d say if you can catch them higher in the air the easier the KO with it.)

Back Aerial: 90-100% (This one is probably the trickiest for me to pin down. It *seems* to be a consistent KO move but I rarely rely on back aerials heavily, at least for KOs)

Most of his other moves seem to be either set ups or damage stackers. 

So I just drove through a knee high moat of flood water to get to my house today. Flood water? Fuck it, we’re gunning it!

So I got the SSB demo, it’s fun, I wish I could try out more characters but I got to try out Mega Man. He’s interesting, you’d think he’s be a range spammer like Samus but he isn’t, at least not completely. His neutral/side attack is less a projectile attack and more of a standard 3-punch combo with ridiculous range that can be used on the move. His specials are ok, they’re relatively slow moving though, and Crash Bomber has a tendency to backfire with its long fuse time. But I love his aerials, the up tornado aerial is deceptively good, get someone decently high mid-air and it will carry them out. I also like his down slide, it follows up a side dodge quite nicely for a quick counter and launches at just the right angle for combos. All in all I’m pretty good with him I think, not quite Olimar levels yet (I always have the weirdest fighters I end up being really good with) but I think I’ll use him when it comes out in full.

Sleepy kitty is sleepy but I need to get up. What do

Sleepy kitty is sleepy but I need to get up. What do

I named my Exo Titan Phorcys-14, he’s a scary red robot guy who looks vaguely like Ultron. It actually fits with Destiny lore too, every Exo NPC I’ve run across has had some sort of mythological name like Lakshmi or Banshee